Do your instructor training courses lead to BCRPA (British Columbia Parks & Recreation Association) Certification?

Yes, our courses all adhere to BCRPA certification standards.

I looked at the BCRPA website and found the steps confusing… can you help?

Yes we can. In fact, that’s exactly why we’ve tailored our training courses to cut through the confusion and get you ready to work as an instructor/trainer. In terms of BCRPA credentials, we like to say “start training with us, and we’ll be your guide”. In fact, Sandra can walk you through the steps for certification.

When I finish a course, will I be able to work as a trainer?

Yes, we gear our courses to prepare you for employment as a fitness instructor. The material is comprehensive, complete, and easy to learn – that’s what sets us apart, and allows you to take those critical steps to a new (or second) career. Of course, we cannot guarantee that any particular place will hire you – that depends on you. But we’ll get you the skills that are required.

I’m not so much interested in employment, but interested in your fitness courses anyway – are they for me too?

Of course they are! If you simply want to get fit or learn the particular discipline, these training courses are for you. The big benefit is if you ever decide to take the next step to employment, well, you’ll have your credentials.

How much are the courses?

They vary in price depending on course. See the “training courses” page for pricing information. And while our price may not always be the lowest, the quality of our training and the personal attention from Sandra makes us the best value around.

Does Sandra do personal training and similar?

Indeed she does. See our “other services” page for more information, or e-mail her here.