Alchemy Studio

Alchemy Studio is located at Suite 201, 431 Mountain Highway North Vancouver

Welcome to Alchemy

To make any bookings, please contact Sandra by text at 604 785-8776 with your request for service

Alchemy is a place to transform yourself to help you feel your best.   We offer services to help give you the tools to transform your BODY, MIND & SPIRIT. Our services include: Personal Training, Kinesiology, Thai Massage and Yoga classes

Enjoy a small group personal training session, a yoga class or Thai massage session to help manage stress and help you reach your health goals. Our philosophy at Alchemy is to embrace where you are when you walk in the door and help you set healthy goals and visions for your future.

Alchemy is a unique specialty studio (think fitness/personal training studio, spa and wellness studio combined together) with private one on one or small group sizes to give you personal attention for a quality experience. It is a clean comfortable “Zen” space to renew, refresh and re-energize. Several of our specialty classes focus on the softer side of fitness with a strong focus on body alignment. This is very helpful for all, but especially those people coming back to fitness to stay injury free as they become more fit.

Personal Training/Kinesiology 

Sandra handles one-on-one personal training and exercise kinesiology for those who desire to get back into fitness safely and effectively. Whether you want to begin a life-changing fitness program, or simply want to get healthier, Sandra can help you.

Features: Personal Training with Sandra gives you the opportunity to learn how your body functions best to exercise (most efficiently without injuries) in a quiet learning environment of a 1 on 1 private personal training studio. Train with a well educated and fun trainer! Often Sandra will conduct family training sessions where parents and kids can exercise together so all family members can be active.

Benefits: Our fitness perspective is to first help clients with corrective exercise. Corrective exercise is educating – you – the client on how to perform movements properly targeting the correct muscle groups and with the proper form so you avoid  injury as you become more active. We also help you progress from being inactive with poor movement patterns to functional movement patterns so you can do more activity with more ease. Alchemy is a completely private studio. There are no walk by windows for others to watch you workout. Your workouts are completely private. We are also ideal for families, as we have family workout sessions and often children can come with you to workout sessions.

Active Rehab/Corrective Exercise with a Registered Kinesiologist

Learning how to exercise correctly is key to changing nagging pain issues and movement dysfunction. Everyday poor posture and poor habits over time can lead to impairment in everyday activities and diminished ability to participate in active leisure activities. Corrective exercise is tailored to your body, and addresses your weaknesses to help you improve your overall function and feel better. Also if you have been injured in a car accident ICBC will allow you usually at least 12 visits with a Kinesiologist for active rehab. Sandra, the lead trainer, is also a Kinesiologist, and can work with you to develop a corrective exercise program that targets areas specific to your needs.

Skype Sessions

What if you don’t live in Vancouver? Sandra can work with you, no matter where you are. Work with her via Skype, and get the encouragement, motivation, and direction you need for Personal training and/or mobility plans to help you feel better in your body. Sandra can also travel to help organize and conduct health retreats and fitness getaways to help people find their path to a happy and healthier self.


Massage is not only relaxing, but has many health benefits for both the body and mind. Book a session, feel relaxed and positively liberated. Several massage practitioners are available to choose from including Registered Massage Therapy and Thai Massage practitioners.

What is Thai Massage? 

Originating over 2,500 years ago, Traditional Thai Massage is one of the world’s most ancient healing modalities. Often referred to as the “lazy man’s yoga” the practitioner gently moves the recipient though passive yogic stretches, ranges of motion work and rhythmic rocking. These are interspersed with pressure along the body’s “Sen” energy lines to relax muscles and enhance the flow of internal energy. Thai massages is performed on the floor on a padded mat. Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing to allow full movement of limbs.

Benefits: Thai massage is ideal for those desiring deep relaxation, release from stress, enhanced flexibility as well as increasing overall health and well-being. Thai massage is offered by owner: Sandra Starrett

Yoga, Somatic & Meditation Classes

Revised  Fall/Winter Schedule Coming Soon

  • Private bookings for individuals or small groups for classes can be made at anytime by contacting Sandra: [email protected] or by text: 604 785-8776


Sandra teaches a specific yoga type class called MO-YO. MO-YO stands for modified yoga for mobility. It includes modified yoga poses and practices for the purpose of improving mobility . We take awesome yoga poses and break them down into mobility moves that everyone can actually do today. Tight necks, frozen shoulders, sore wrists, stiff backs, restricted hips, arthritic knees and rigid ankles all need mobility to function better. The class is geared to keep ALL your joints moving with more ease. Whatever your starting point, start today to feel better tomorrow.

Somatic Classes

What is Somatics?

Somatics is a sensory and movement re-education process. With the stress of daily modern life skeletal muscles acquire more tension than intended which results in chronically tight muscles causing strain on the body that becomes habitual and unconscious. Somatics works to consciously re-connect your mind & muscles and allow re-education to happen for more comfortable and easy state of being and movement. Somatic’s is a process of bringing awareness back to the whole body through slowing down to become aware of sensation and to cognitively guide contraction and relaxation (pandiculation) of your muscles to allow re-calibration to a more natural and relaxed state.

Your Somatic’s educator/guide will lead you through movement patterns of muscle contraction & relaxation to release the most common type of stress/reflex patterns of tension in the body. Guided movements are encouraged as gentle contractions and slow intentional relaxation making for a “safe” experience of truly listening to one’s body.

Meditation Classes – coming soon

To inquire about any of the above, click here to contact us.